Goliath was born in a European circus. For most of his life he would have been confined to a “beast wagon” with hardly enough room to move.

He would have undergone brutal and barbaric “training” and lived a miserable existence.

Fortunately for Goliath intervention saw him being confiscated from the circus and temporarily placed in a wildlife refuge, the Natuurhulpcentrum in Belgium.

Months of logistical planning took place before Goliath could be successfully relocated to us.

On 13th February 2008, after a journey of almost 10 000 kilometers, Goliath safely arrived at the Sanctuary and for the first time he had freedom to roam outdoors.

Goliath was born in May 2007.

His rescue was made possible because of the generosity of the following sponsors:

British Airways, The Animal Reception Centre (London), James Cargo Services, Animal Travel Services (Cape Town), Beauty Without Cruelty and Jeanne and Ian Bathgate.

His enclosure was sponsored by the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust

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