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Saving one animal may not change the world, but surely for that one animal the world will change forever!

Current Projects

Project: Farm Tractor

Status: Ongoing

For years we have had to hire a tractor once a month to assist with small grading work and brush cutting in our firebreaks. It would be ideal if we could save on these costs by purchasing our own second hand tractor with the necessary implements.

Estimated Cost: R50 000.00

Completed Projects

Project: Cold Room

Status: Target Achieved

Because of our growing lion population we constantly need to expand our meat storage facilities. A cold room would be of great benefit to the sanctuary and the lions!

Special thanks to the following sponsors who donated materials, equipment and their expertise to construct our cold room: Emerson Climate Technologies, Metraclark, WSP Group, Intastor Panel Instalers & Refrigeration Solutions.

Project - New Lion Camps

Status: Target Achieved

We are currently inundated with pleas to provide a lifetime home to numerous lions in desperate need, but can only do so with financial support. We need to raise R100 000.00 so that we can complete the construction of another three new lion camps.

Mr Phillip Wollen of the Winsome Constance Kindness Trust (Australia) has sponsored the construction of three new lion camps.

Project: Two Way Radio's

Status: Target Achieved

To ensure the efficient and professional running of the Park we require two additional 2 way radio's.

Many thanks to CLUB TRAVEL for their kind donation of 2 radio's.

Project: Clearing and Landscaping of New Land

Status: Target Achieved

The new area needs to be cleared to enable us to start construction on new lion camps.

Completion of this phase was made possible by the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust, Ray and Elizabeth Dalcher and Mike Dooley.

Project: Meat Storage - Freezers

Status: Target Achieved

The increase in the number of lions we provide sanctuary for has create a logistical problem with regard to meat storage. We currently make use of 5 large chest freezers.We ideally need two additional chest freezers. The projected costs for two freezers are R 2 900 each.

Many thanks to Fransje van Riel and family for donating a chest freezer.

Project: Construction of new lion camp

Status: Target Achieved

We have recently had to split our group of four males due to increasing aggression in the group.

Chumba and Mufasa will remain together and Badboy and Shyboy will be housed in a new camp. Because of the split we have decided to split the camp the four boys were living in, creating a new 6000 sq. meter camp.

We need to raise R25 000 to enable us to undertake this construction.

Many thanks to the Winsome Constance Kindness Trust (Australia) for sponsoring the new enclosure.


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