This White Lion female was born on the 24/10/2008 and arrived at the Sanctuary on 03/11/2008.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of her relocation to us, as well as legal restrictions, we cannot disclose any details regarding her origin.

White Lions

  • White lions are technically extinct in the wild.
  • White lions are not albinos, but rather a genetic rarity.
  • White lions have been ruthlessly exploited by the captive breeding industry and intensively inbred to produce victims for canned hunting.

Drakenstein Lion Park’s white lions will not be used for commercial breeding; they have found sanctuary with us.

Ziyanda has been adopted by:

Rudi & Ingrid Strubbe Gerlo (FOR LIFE)

In Loving Memory of Rudy van der Merwe (FOR LIFE)

Sally & Stu Allister (FOR LIFE)

Uwe Mollidor (FOR LIFE)

Chris & Linda Wainman (FOR LIFE)

Hugo Lea from Grandma & Grandad

Riekie & Monique

Agnés Fouquet

Sachin & Ruchi

MYP2A International School of Hout Bay