Shumba was born on 04 January 2005 and arrived at the Sanctuary on 19th February 2005. Shumba was destined for a hunting farm, but due to our intervention will now live out his life in safety. Shumba has been paired with Bai and although it was not love at first sight, they are now inseparable.

Shumba has been adopted by:

Rudi & Ingrid Strubbe Gerlo (FOR LIFE)

Caz & Graeme (UK) (FOR LIFE)

Eva Schubertova (FOR LIFE)

Grahame Smith (FOR LIFE)

Janine & Eric Dolischka (FOR LIFE)

Caroline Patou (FOR LIFE)

Victoria Roads (FOR LIFE)

Geraldine & Tariq (FOR LIFE)

Per Jander (FOR LIFE)

Conny Eckhardt

Harry Conroy

Franzi Metzner

Harriet & Tess Marsden

Mary & Raymond – Luxembourg

Jon & Lisa Day