Samson was born in approximately 2003 and arrived at the Sanctuary on 10/12/2008.

Samson was rescued from a French circus where he was kept in the most appalling conditions. He spent most of his life in solitary confinement jailed in a small circus trailer with barely enough room to move.

Samson’s relocation was made possible by:

Refuge De Le Arche, Foundation Assistance Aux Animaux and Animal Travel Services ( who once again assisted with the import free of charge.

Samson’s enclosure was sponsored by the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust

Samson has been adopted by:

Rudi & Ingrid Strubbe Gerlo (FOR LIFE)

Grahame Smith (FOR LIFE)

George & Amanda Tsielepis (FOR LIFE)

Shannon N. Adams (FOR LIFE)

Jonathan Fu (FOR LIFE)

Karola Dill & Claus-Micheal Dill (FOR LIFE)

Family Vossler (FOR LIFE)

Gunnar & Annegrete Salomonsson (FOR LIFE)

Inge & Dieter Houben (Germany) (FOR LIFE)

The Collies

Seona Galbally & Johanna Rohan

Izak & Michelle

Peter & Sheelagh Mountfort

Hassan Khan & Zahira Iqbal (UK)

Virginia, Soletha & Cameron Golding