Rupert was born 09/2008. Rupert’s mother was shot by a farmer on Paarl Mountain. Rupert initially received inappropriate care from his human captors and this resulted in a dietary deficiency which caused him to break a foot, leg and shoulder. Rupert was nursed back to health by Butterfly World, who then made the decision to place him in our lifetime care sanctuary. Because of his bad start in life Rupert cannot be rehabilitated to the wild.

Rupert has been adopted by:

  • Leila Brookstein
  • Barbara Sher & Emily Weigum
  • Darren, Lina & Rebel Stevens (Aus)
  • Diana & Kristof
  • Palmiet 2017 (Holl)
  • Jordan & Zonika Lee
  • Caz & Graeme (UK)
  • Rynhardt & Anoeska Jacobs
  • Jodi & Guy Norman
  • Femke Fatale
  • Hannah Elizabeth Amira & Noah Demetri Amira
  • Daniel & Rianne Lippold (Netherlands)
  • Aisha Adams