Leonidas was born in approximately 2012 and arrived at the Sanctuary on 04 November 2015 after a long journey from Beirut.

Leonidas had spent his entire life in solitary confinement in a six meter shipping container. His arrival at the Sanctuary marked the first time that he was able to walk on earth, experience grass under his feet and see others of his kind. Leonidas ended up in the shipping container because of the greed of a Lebanese zoo which sold him for profit and a complete disdain for his welfare.

Leonidas’s rescue was facilitated by Animals Lebanon. Animal Travel Services and DRA Customs Clearing and Forwarding ensured a smooth arrival in South Africa

Leonidas has been adopted by:

Andrew Diey & Robyn Taylor (FOR LIFE)

Susan & Scott Mcgregor (FOR LIFE)

Chantell van Bloemenstein (FOR LIFE)

Helene de Koning-Steeman (FOR LIFE)

Mrs Helen Ingram (FOR LIFE)

Unique People Solutions (PTY) LTD (FOR LIFE)

Debbie Yoxall (FOR LIFE)

Shannon Elizabeth – Animal Avengers (FOR LIFE)

Hans & Lina Schmid (FOR LIFE)

Carl & Amanda Glatthaar (FOR LIFE)

Rudi & Ingrid Strubbe Gerlo (FOR LIFE)

Nicola Fox (FOR LIFE)

In Memory of Jill Perkins (FOR LIFE)

Karola Dill & Claus-Micheal Dill (FOR LIFE)

Clifford Partitioning (FOR LIFE)

Ann Barratt

Shirley Harrod

Brendan & Amy Scanlen

Alan & Gaynor Castle

Hyun Bo & Anne Kang Sim

Janine Poezyn

In memory of Kathleen Lyons

Amit & Roxy Naval

To Talal M. Tahhau

Jasmin (Blondie) – Aut

Kinsey Gates & Mike Tedeschi

Clark & Atala Family

Hessa Mahmood

Devin Gillis

To our Godchild, Jamie Dickson on his 2nd Birthday

Carol, Chris, Eileen & Mike (Essex, UK)

Cariena Basson

Femke Fatale

Andrew & Lisiana Dutka (USA)

Nanuska Beutels

Barry Crawford

Pam Gilmour