Jane was born on 01-07-2016 and arrived at the sanctuary on 30-05-17
We were asked to provide a lifetime home for this lion by Panthera Africa, who did not have the capacity to house her. The lion originates from the Free State (the epicenter of canned hunting).

Jane has been adopted by:

    Victoria Maria Grasselli (FOR LIFE)

    In Memory of Fletch (FOR LIFE)

    Hans & Lina Schmid (FOR LIFE)

    Bruce & Sandy Jarvis (FOR LIFE)


    Kathi Meuller

    Zoe, Lally & Louise

    Magdalena Machura

    Keiko Breit – Greene

    Marta Bormioli Gambardella

    Claire Baldeyrou

    ACTA Camps Bay Highschool

    Jane Nicholls