Dodo was born in approximately 2001 and arrived at the sanctuary on 23-12-2009.

Dodo was an unfortunate victim of the illegal pet trade in Eastern Europe. He spent his entire life imprisoned underground in a concrete pit! Grey walls and the rusted steel bars above his head were all that Dodo had seen his entire life!

In winter his jail filled with snow while temperatures dropped to minus 20!

His rescue was made possible by the following organisations: SOS Dogs Romania and Hundehilfe.

Special thanks to the following donors: The Jarvis Family & Avi Sivan.

Special thanks must also be given to Animal Travel Services ( and Havillam Abrahams from Highmoor Freight who once again assisted with the import free of charge.

Dodo has been adopted by:

Elena Christofides (FOR LIFE)

Isabel, Marcus & Katie Jarvis (FOR LIFE)

Valeria Risoli & Edward Kuhn (FOR LIFE)

Linda & Jacques Donald (FOR LIFE)

Mandy Tregoning (FOR LIFE)

Rudi & Ingrid Strubbe Gerlo (FOR LIFE)

George Gretten (FOR LIFE)

Debbie, Donovan & Jennifer (FOR LIFE)

Grahame Smith (FOR LIFE)

Eleri, Catrin & Broni Holmes (FOR LIFE)

Charly, Hugo, Lukas & Clara Hamburg (FOR LIFE)

Anya & Margrot Glass (FOR LIFE)

Palmer Williams Family (FOR LIFE)

Specialities Pet Food South Africa (FOR LIFE)

Nicolae, Cosmina, Tudor & Dodo Zaharescu, the family of the Consul General of Romania – Cape Town (FOR LIFE)

Vanessa & Rob (Aus) (FOR LIFE)

Claudia & Oliver (FOR LIFE)

Geraldine & Tariq (FOR LIFE)

In memory of Georgie (FOR LIFE)

In memory of John Wilson (FOR LIFE)

Tony Perry

Shernise Tan

Tania Spatacovschi

Marisa Besteiro

Porky & Estelle Burger

Hassan Khan & Zahira Iqbal (UK)


Die Viljoens

Eduard, Josephine & Julian Rikken

Pieter & Andrette

Joshua & Brody Douglas, Tas, Australia

Brigitte & Juerg Aegerter