Brutus was born in approximately 2002 and arrived at the sanctuary on 19-03-2010.Brutus was confiscated from a French circus. He had been brutally declawed and was so severely beaten when younger that his jaw was broken and never reset! This has resulted in permanent disfigurement.His rescue was made possible by the following organizations: Foundation Assistance Aux Animaux, Natuurhulpcentrum (Belgium) and the Bridget Bardot Foundation.Special thanks must also be given to Animal Travel Services ( and Havillam Abrahams from Highmoor Freight who once again assisted with the import free of charge.

Brutus has been adopted by:

Rudi & Ingrid Strubbe Gerlo (FOR LIFE)

Elizabeth Elstob (FOR LIFE)

Brenda Penny (FOR LIFE)

Camilla Legh (FOR LIFE)

Andree Thonnon (FOR LIFE)

In memory of Mick & Win Tingle (FOR LIFE)

Jeremy, Oonagh & Annabelle (FOR LIFE)

Kay Williams (FOR LIFE)

Caroline Debansi (FOR LIFE)

Derek & Susan Rankine (FOR LIFE)

Paques Donald (FOR LIFE)

Ute Kranich & Alexander Spross (FOR LIFE)

Caz & Graeme (FOR LIFE)

Clifford Partitioning (FOR LIFE)

Michele & Andrew Burbridge (FOR LIFE)

Nicola Fox UK (FOR LIFE)

Lawrence Beck (FOR LIFE)

Rachel Arumugam (FOR LIFE)

Caroline Patou (FOR LIFE)

Elizabeth Noll (FOR LIFE)

Williams Family (FOR LIFE)

Gila Zirfas-Krauel (FOR LIFE)

Robert, Samantha & Allison Tweddle (FOR LIFE)

Tanja & Dirk Palfalusi (FOR LIFE)

Think Bike (FOR LIFE)

Niara & Mireya Morenas (FOR LIFE)

Marcus Cumber (Cayman Islands) (FOR LIFE)

Clarissa Friederich (FOR LIFE)

Hassan (FOR LIFE)

MYC1 Class of the Hout Bay International School (FOR LIFE)

Kenwyn Primary School (FOR LIFE)

Richard & Tina (UK) (FOR LIFE)

Lasne, Julie & Etienne Olivier (FOR LIFE)

Hugh McDonald (FOR LIFE)

Jen, Hein, Bonita, Roben, Maria, Ruth & Terri-Lea (FOR LIFE)

Allen & Jenny (Hayes, Ireland) (FOR LIFE)

Meri Lantto (FOR LIFE)

Porky & Estelle Burger

Riekie & Monique

Daniel & Rianne Lippold (Netherlands)

Virginia, Soletha & Cameron Golding

Briggeman Family

Rhizlane & Sarah-Lou Mamoune

Marisa Besteiro

Dirk van Schandevyl

Perry & Group (Germany)

Harrison & Manley Meyer

Femke Fatale

Kareena Parmar

Milo Bichel

For Tess

Suzanne, Michael & Alysha

Alan & Gaynor Castle

Irem Akdogan