Bai was born in a Cameroon zoo on the 22nd November 2004. We were approached by the Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund (a UK based animal welfare organization) and asked if we could mount a rescue operation to relocate her to our facility. Bai was not well and needed to be evacuated as soon as possible so that she could receive the care and veterinary attention she desperately needed. There was also very little chance that she would have any quality of life if she were eventually returned to the zoo in Cameroon. Because of the generosity of many donors we were able to evacuate Bai and bring her here. One of our staff had to fly to Cameroon and accompany her back. We arranged a seat for her on the plane, so that she could receive regular bottle feeds during the journey. Bai arrived at the Sanctuary on 17th January 2005. This rescue would not have been possible had it not been for the support of the following sponsors: The Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund, British Airways, Mark Scholtz and Family and Ester vd Merwe.

Bai has been adopted by:

  • Grahame Smith (FOR LIFE)
  • Eva Schubertova (FOR LIFE)
  • Derek & Susan Rankine (FOR LIFE)
  • Rudi & Ingrid Strubbe Gerlo (FOR LIFE)
  • Clara Idenburg (FOR LIFE)
  • Bill & Patricia Phillips (FOR LIFE)
  • Marc & Debbie Conradie
  • Porky & Estelle Burger
  • Tiffane & Gerd
  • Youth Development Soccer Academy
  • Alan and Gaynor Castle
  • Caroline Patou (FOR LIFE)
  • Guy & Rebecca
  • Annette Nejedl
  • Isaac & Francien Kalisvaart