Ares was found starving and sick with a severe eye infection, in a travelling French circus. After being rescued from the appalling conditions and 10 months of veterinary treatment to get him strong enough to travel, Ares finally arrived at the sanctuary on 10-02-2010. Ares was born in 2007.

His rescue was made possible by the following sponsors:

Refuge De Le Arche, Foundation Assistance Aux Animaux and Nick Yianni.

Special thanks must also be given to Animal Travel Services ( and Havillam Abrahams from Highmoor Freight who once again assisted with the import free of charge.

Ares has been adopted by:

    Rudi & Ingrid Strubbe Gerlo (FOR LIFE)

    Nick & Elena Yianni (FOR LIFE)

    Grahame Smith (FOR LIFE)

    Greg Jooste (FOR LIFE)

    James Greaves (FOR LIFE)

    Finlay Elliott (FOR LIFE)

    Richard Dews (FOR LIFE)

    Nicola & Jade Fox UK (FOR LIFE)

    Faye Peeters (FOR LIFE)

    Susan & Scott Mcgregor (FOR LIFE)

    Caroline Patou (FOR LIFE)

    Catherine van der Meulen (FOR LIFE)

    Linda & Geoff Pollard (FOR LIFE)

    Think Bike (FOR LIFE)

    Lasne, Julie & Etienne Olivier (FOR LIFE)

    Mark & Helena (FOR LIFE)

    Karen Jones

    Katharina Mueller

    Brigit Berkenkopf

    Tim & She (UK)

    Crist’l & Geert Vaes-Chovau

    Louis Laureys

    Diana & Kristof

    Sarah Siew

    Adrian, Prue, Nicci, Jaime & Malone White

    Gene, Michelle, Greg & Dylan Rudman

    Chotoo Family

    Kareena Parmar

    Isha Reddy

    Milo Bichel

    The Fabiens (Israel)

    Claus Henriksen

    Suzanne Langford

    Donna Remmington

    Lukas & Svenja Czaja & Nina Loettker