Aneta arrived at the sanctuary late afternoon on 10-12-2009. Aneta was born in April 2008.

Aneta comes from an impoverished Romanian zoo where a multitude of lions are crammed into small 4 x 4 meter concrete jails.

Her rescue was made possible by the following sponsors:

SOS Dogs Romania and Hundehilfe.

Special thanks must also be given to Animal Travel Services ( and Havillam Abrahams from Highmoor Freight who once again assisted with the import free of charge.

Aneta has been adopted by:

  • Rudi & Ingrid Strubbe Gerlo (FOR LIFE)
  • Malin Kreitz Winqvist (FOR LIFE)
  • Katie, Marcus & Layla Jarvis (FOR LIFE)
  • Pinelands High School Interact Charity Club
  • Riaan & Christine Malan
  • ACTA Camps Bay High School
  • Caroline Patou (FOR LIFE)
  • Anura Wijn-fanclub (NL)
  • Jessi McNeil (Cayman Islands)
  • Bettina Muenninghoff
  • Erika Nowatzki
  • Diana & Kristof