Sabrina (female) born 14/06/2003 arrived at the sanctuary on 08/11/2012. This white lion was donated to the sanctuary by Tygerberg Zoo because of the planned closure of the zoo.

Sabrina has been adopted by:

Henk Mulder & Ingrid Schippers (FOR LIFE)

Isabel, Marcus, Katie & Layla Jarvis (FOR LIFE)

Rudi & Ingrid Strubbe Gerlo (FOR LIFE)

Rolf & Debbie Rothlisberger (FOR LIFE)

Michael & Edith Brookshaw (FOR LIFE)

Withers Family – UK (FOR LIFE)

Sabine & Tibor Hirsch (FOR LIFE)

Inge & Dieter Houben (Germany) (FOR LIFE)

Yoga & Pilates at Nirvana (FOR LIFE)

Laura & Anthony Lancia (USA)

Linda Williams

Ivan Morgan

Brigitte Roesler

Allison Beal