Drakenstein Lion Park was established in 1998 to provide lions in distress with sanctuary, where they could live in safety, free from abuse and persecution, and be treated with the compassion and respect they deserved.

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The reality of canned hunting exposed - PLEASE NOTE NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS! ...

NEWS: Footage released from BBC expose of a canned hunt. *** Update: See latest clip for full footage. After this BBC release, how much more evidence do the authorities need before they address predator breeding, canned hunting and the host of tourism activities abusing lions and other predators? Other than the odd shameful attempt at justification by those involved, which at times comes through their proxies, the global opposition grows. Motion 009 from the recently held IUCN conference calling on the South African Government to engage must be addressed immediately. Please note: This video contains graphic material and strong language. Wildlands YouthForLions Traveller24 Africa Geographic Born Free Foundation Humane Society International Empowers Africa South African Predator Association eNCAnews BBC News For the Love of Wildlife #BLOODLIONS

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Brutus (the surprise white lion father) had his vasectomy revisited this morning and the operation was a success (we hope!). Leonidas also had a vasectomy, as we plan to introduce him to a girlfriend later this year. Both boys are recovering well. ...

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Drakenstein Lion Park is the only genuine lion sanctuary in the Western Cape, with the largest lion population, including rare white lions.

Drakenstein Lion Park is now home to a new facility, Chimp Haven. This facility has been purpose built to house the animals displace by the closure of Tygerberg Zoo and is a lifetime home to chimpanzees and a host of other small animals.

Tented camp test

Overnight in our well appointed tented camp surrounded by lions! Traditional South African cuisine and Boland hospitality.


Volunteer at Drakenstein Lion Park.


Was absolutely beautiful,emotional and touching. Keep doing this for as long as it takes. Keep up the good work.

 Nicole, Cape Town Nicole, Cape Town

It’s so wonderful to see a place where these creatures may spend their days in safety and away from the public eye if they choose.

Penelope Rogers, Australia Penelope Rogers, Australia

What a fantastic visit this was. How wonderful to see the obviously contented and well cared for lions.

Moira & Nicci Dennis, Cape Town Moira & Nicci Dennis, Cape Town

Nice to see such a well kept natural environment for the lions. great work!

Laura & Owen, USA Laura & Owen, USA

In a climate where South Africa’s lions and other rare animals are exploited mercilessly in captive conditions for commercial gain, genuine places of sanctuary are hard to find. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Drakenstein Lion Park for providing a safe-haven for lions rescued from canned hunting conditions, and we appeal for public support for this operation.

 The Global White Lion Protection Trust The Global White Lion Protection Trust

Adopt A Lion

Your donation contributes directly towards a portion of the care costs for the adopted lion. This includes food, veterinary care and housing costs. Each adoptive parent will get an acknowledgement on the lions information board at the Park as well as on our website. [Read more here]

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